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Alex’s international safety and security work spans the academic, corporate, and military sectors. As the associate director, his proactive approach to intelligence analysis, risk assessments, pre-departure trainings, and emergency management brings stability to Harvard and its international activities and travellers. In this role, Alex travels globally to meet with public and private sector security experts.

Alex Viox - Assistant Director, International Safety and Security at Harvard University


Dr O’Keeffe is a General Practitioner with experience in primary care, emergency care and tropical diseases. He qualified from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 1998 and worked in Great Ormond Street for two years as a Paediatric Fellow. He worked in Uganda for a government hospital on the border with DRC in 2003 and returned to the UK to complete his membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Dr. Jonathan O'Keeffe - Regional Medical Director at International SOS


Damian’s experience of security and risk management spans some 30 years of both practical implementation and strategic risk management consulting in some 60-plus countries. He has first-hand experience of supporting clients through crises ranging back to the Pan Am 103 Lockerbie bombing in 1989, Hurricane Katrina in 1995, the full Arab Spring uprising through to the present day Nepalese earthquake in 2015. He has established TEN Risk Management to provide innovative and practical risk management solutions.

Damian Taylor - Former Global Head of Security Assistance at International SOS


Paul is a former military officer with a background in counter-terrorism, peacekeeping and human intelligence operations. After the military Paul worked as a humanitarian de-mining consultant, a senior executive in the commercial security and risk management industry and as an advisor to the insurance industry and Government.

A PhD candidate in the LSE department of Sociology, Paul’s academic research involves the exploration of social boundaries relating to non-state violence. He has a specific interest in private policing and military activity and is currently involved in co-authoring a paper on comparative levels of violence in abduction and hostage taking incidents.

Paul Thornbury - Head of Security at London School of Economics and Political Science


Before beginning his fifteen years’ experience providing post-incident psychological support, Martin managed a multi-disciplinary mental health team. He also founded and managed a local authority’s disaster response team. Martin has also designed and delivered incident management training programmes around the world. He has been interviewed on the BBC, and is a regular contributor to BBC Radio.

Martin Alderton - Managing Consultant at Clarity Stress and Trauma


Since joining Arthur J Gallagher Justin has pioneered their consultative approach to special risks and acts as project sponsor for all major projects. Justin served in the British Army as an Ammunition Technical Officer (ATO) and logistics and staff officer, retiring in August 2000 to take up a consultant’s post within Control Risks Group. Justin spent his last six years in the Army involved in counter terrorism and bomb disposal duties. From 1996-98 he was responsible for explosive ordnance disposal support for the Special Forces (SAS) and from 1998-2000 was involved in national contingency plans for incidents involving weapons of mass destruction.

Justin Priestley - Head of Arthur J Gallagher’s Crisis Management Consulting Practice


Colin is responsible for the security of ITN News operations in high-risk environments and was previously deputy head of the BBC High Risk Team. He has shaped the way the media work in hostile environments and helped build the media crisis management model. Colin has covered wars, natural disasters, terrorism and riots and advised on high-risk investigations on every continent. He is also an award-winning journalist in his own right. Colin also runs HP Risk Management, a consultancy advising companies operating in fragile environments.

Colin Pereira - Head of High Risk Security ITN News