Welcome to PEAR Insights

Our aim is not only to hold your attention but inspire the industry to share their expertise, experience and opinions. Our motivations are simple – by bringing people together and catalysing discussion we encourage a more collaborative approach and enhance the quality of the people and services provided by our industry.

Having spent the majority of my working life helping people understand the nature of travel risk at all levels, PEAR was established to provide a platform for travel risk professionals who, frankly, make life-saving decisions. They have to understand, at a granular level, how each part of their travel-ecosystem behaves – to better understand colleagues and providers makes for better, more informed decisions.

Our industry is dynamic, global and critical to the successful deployment of an increasingly mobile workforce. Our decisions don’t just help avoid a worst case scenario, they can also have a direct effect on achieving business goals.


Ben Cooper, Editor | ben@mcmillancooper.com